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Dynamic git config - Use diferent profiles per folder

Some times we need to use different git profiles to have meaningful commits signatures when we need to use work profiles or personal profiles.

You can do this if you use git >= 2.13 with the rule includeIf you can choose when to use a particular profile when you are on a specific folder or subfolders.

To do that you need to modify the file ~/.gitconfig with this content:

    name = Your Name
    email = your.personal.email@example.org
[includeIf "gitdir:~/Projects/Work/"]
    path = ~/.gitconfig-work

And you should have a file like ~/.gitconfig-work (for this example) with this content:

    name = Your Name
    email = your.work.email@example-company.com

You can add as many includeIf as you need.

So now if you cd to any git project inside ~/Projects/Work your git config should be like this:

~ $ git config user.email
~ $ cd ~/Projects/Work/some-project
~/Projects/Work/some-project $ git config user.email
~/Projects/Work/some-project $ cd ~/Projects/personal-website
/Projects/personal-website $ git config user.email